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Posts: 16
※ This posting is a summary of the discussion that took place in the networking session of the Coalition conference 2022. 

Date: 10/8/2022
Time: 3:45 pm – 4:45 pm
• Teachers – older teachers do not have needed skills to manage online classes
• Parents – add extra burden for parents (make sure students pay attention to the class, doing homework, etc.)
• Students – difficult during pandemic, some dropped out
• Facilities – accessibility, additional cleaning, security, increased rate to rent building result in raising tuition and dropped students; some try to secure their own facilities
• Right now, some schools are going back to in-person classes slowly (only for students to come in, not parents)
• Try to gather again for parents’ participation
• Try to rebuild the community, rehire teachers back, and resume teachers training
• Some schools lost facilities, so they move to virtual classes. It was a success in the beginning. No students dropped out, draw more online students from other regions, also recruited expert teachers outside the region to perform online, but now starts to go down. Parents/students seem lost interest in online learning.
• During Covid, quality of education also dropped
• Use graduates to come back to teach
• Ask older students to volunteer to do some work such as maintaining school’s website, school in turn provide letter of recommendations for those students
• Some states only allow high schools to be rented which are not suitable for small children. There are also always tensions between high schools and community-based schools (furniture rearranged, floor not cleaned, etc.), however, in NJ, it is successful to rent elementary schools even with an office provided to the community-based schools
• A school forms a separate non-profit entity to help school for fundraising

(Note taken by Tommy Lu, Ashok Ojha, an Gergana Ivanova)
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