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Korindo Group and Work Culture
For more than five decades, Korindo Group has devoted itself to improving the quality of life for people in Indonesia. Various efforts have been made, including the creation of extensive job opportunities through korindocareers.com and community empowerment in all economic activities, as well as social responsibility.
Korindo Group will and should continue to carry out many developments that have made us a pioneer by sticking to the motto "One Step Ahead." This dedication has also established us as a market leader in a variety of industries in Southeast Asia.
Korindo Group believes that our accomplishments so far cannot be separated from the contributions of individuals who are completely committed to the organization. As a result, we place a great importance on our workers' performance by attempting to foster a healthy work environment and culture.
  1. Employee appreciation
Employees at Korindo firms are treated to a variety of appreciation activities. One way is to provide scholarships to the children of employees who excel. This initiative is a way for us to express our gratitude while also contributing to the education sector.
  • Respect Diversity
  • The Korindo Group places a high importance on diversity. We value diversity and think that everyone deserves equal opportunity. This diversity encompasses both visible distinctions, such as age, gender, and ethnicity, and subtle ones, such as job location and educational background.
  • Encourage staff growth
  • We think that every employee has the right to further their education and career. PT Korindo Group, as an innovative organization, aspires to assist workers in realizing their full potential via a variety of structured training and development programs.
  • Time management that is efficient and effective
  • For all levels of labor, time is the most important commodity. As a result, it is critical for Korindo Group to encourage people to utilize it responsibly. We think that efficient and effective time management will increase the company's productivity, which will benefit all employees.
  • Promote teamwork
  • Cooperation is essential for the growth of a business. Korindo Group continues to motivate and encourage all workers to assist one another in achieving common goals.

    Korindo Group Recruitment Process
    Korindo Group works hard to find qualified employees (HR). We also assure that individuals who have given us their time will grow and develop with us.
    Prospective workers must go through various steps in the Korindo Group recruitment process.
    1. Administration Appointment
    At this point, Korindo Group will verify the accuracy of the data and documents supplied to our official email address by potential workers. This step is intended to assist us in understanding your professional path and competencies. Curriculum Vitae, job application letters, degrees, transcripts, and images are some of the papers that are frequently required.
  • Personality Test
  • Prospective workers are required to complete a series of tests in a set amount of time throughout the personality test procedure.
  • Job Interview
  • Following that, the Korindo Group representative will have a formal and in-depth discussion with the potential employee. This stage is completed so that we may perform more evaluations before determining whether or not to hire applicants.
    At this point, we normally gather information about Korindo Group and the sector of employment that prospective candidates are interested in.
  • Offering letter
  • This is the final step in the recruitment process and the first step in the employment agreement between the firm and the employee. The offering letter specifies the employee's rights and duties.
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