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Information on Separation of Tunas Sawa Erma Group 

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Previously, Tunas Sawa Erma Group was an Indonesian registered company engaged in the cultivation and processing of oil palm and its head office was in Papua. The TSE Group consists of PT Tunas Sawa Erma, PT Berkat Cipta Abadi and PT Dongin Prabhawa.
In line with its vision and mission to become a global company, the TSE Group is committed to a No Deforestation, Zero Peat and Zero Exploitation (NDPE) policy, which has been implemented and is clearly reflected on the company's official website. In addition, the company's concession area is not located in the moor.
In addition, TSE Group creates a work system and work environment that supports the development of human resources through selection and training programs as well as continuous development. The company currently has a continuous development team.
Also, the TSE Group strives to maintain harmonious and mutually constructive relationships with the local government and the community as well as actively develop the economic welfare of the Papuan people.
On the other hand, KORINDO is an Indonesian company founded in 1969 that has been around for 50 years.
KORINDO is recognized for the proper development of forest resources and the advancement of related processing industries to contribute to Indonesia's macro and micro economic development.
It is also acknowledged that KORINDO has succeeded in supplying local newsprint and has responded well to the government's call to reform the newspaper industry, which is 100% dependent on imported newsprint.
Through forests and oil palm plantations, KORINDO has succeeded in developing environmentally friendly industries whose economic value is obtained directly from forests and forest resources.
KORINDO is committed to developing its business in underdeveloped areas of Indonesia through road construction and housing development, among other key infrastructure developments required for the development of the entire region.
KORINDO employs around 10,000 workers and built an education center in Asiki, Papua's main business district, to develop the skills of local residents and create jobs.
And on April 1, 2021, the company issued an announcement containing information on the separation between the Tunas Sawa Erma Group from the Korindo Group. The following is the contents of the announcement quoted from korindonews.com
Please note that PT Tunas Sawa Erma, PT Berkat Cipta Abadi and PT Dongin Prabhawa were separated from Korindo Group on April 1, 2021, and are managed independently as TSE Group.
Information about Korindo Group can still be found through the company's official website at https://www.korindo.co.id/ .
Information about the TSE Group can be found on the company's official website at https://www.tsegroup.co.id/ .
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